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1. She/He believes in work as a form of self-determination of a man
2. She/He does not discriminate workers on the basis of their role
3. She/He believes in fair wages as the only form of pay for work
4. She/He does not claim free work performance or underpaid in comparison to the reference context
5. She/He rejects the job directly or indirectly related to crime
6. She/He refuses and denounces illegality in all of its forms
7. She/He believes that every day of black work is a day stolen from the future of her/his children
8. She/He pays contributions to her/his State for the work she/he has done and required
9. She/He believes in vocational training as a form of prevention for chronic unemployment
10. She/He sees unemployment as a symptom, not a disease or a blame
11. She/He believes that the worker is entitled to a time equivalent to one-third of the day to devote to himself
12. She/He distributes equally responsibilities within its working group, to avoid overloading or diminish the role of any component
13. She/He believes that the worker is entitled to a period equal to a third of the day for rest
14. She/He rejects the abuse of extraordinary work
15. She/He believes in responsible work, ethically towards customers, partners, workers, employees, managers and owners, in compliance with all the rules about the environment and safety in the workplace
16. She/He does not pursue profit but the balance between quality and results
17. She/He believes in the absolute equality of the sexes
18. She/He does not discriminate against workers based on their nationality, their origin, their religion, their language, their sexual orientation, their skin color
19. She/He respects all philosophical and political opinions except when opposed to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
20. She/He rejects child labor, labor exploitation, and slavery in all its forms
21. She/He believes that respect for labor rights is one of the highest forms of human freedom
22. She/He fights the same way for the rights of his colleagues, his employees, his employers because he believes that respect for their rights is essential for the protection of her/his own rights
23. She/He believes that the rights in the work, such as justice, must be equal for all

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