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We live in an historical context in which the capitalist component of society (Without associating to the adjective 'capitalist' any judgment, neither positive nor negative) effectively uses globalization, especially about new communication and interaction forms using the web.

We have seen the emergence of new forms, or pseudo-forms, of work based on network utilization.
The distance between the employer and the worker is becoming less and less measurable, because the link between the parties no longer has a physical component, but is characterized by an exchange of information mediated by the web.
The distance can then mathematically be defined as infinite
And this is neither good nor bad: it is a fact of progress, fortunately, unstoppable and sometimes, in some respects, unpredictable.

What is the worker's response to this change?
What was and what could be an adequate response to change?

Because the individual worker, immersed in the new forms of collaboration, is increasingly alone in front of his employer, to have a representative who can amplify the discomfort or the demand for rights, it becomes increasingly difficult and often inapplicable to new realities.
But the need for unity, paradoxically, grows at the same speed as the development of neoliberal ideas and their applications:
there is a need, however, to implement a more suitable form to the actual context.

The A23 proposal

A23 proposes a logo and a web platform that will become a global representation of workers and their rights.
Its name A23 is a reference to Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights :

Article 23
A23 is intended as a web utility, global by definition, with the aim of helping workers, anywhere in the connected world, to know and apply this article and its principles.
A worker or a company may use the A23 logo, on his site or on his resume, to express her/his will to assert this article and its principles.
A23 is a candidate to be the first startup of the right of the global workforce, supportive, responsible and social: detached from any territorial and local feature, and open to global issues.

Because work is a right, but equality and equity it is a duty of society: A23 was created to help spread the principle that the work, like justice, is the same for all.